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Cloudbrook Water have designed, developed and produced a world-patented Rainwater Optimisation System (ROS) that converts rain water into certified drinking water.

Using our advanced Rainwater Optimisation System, which utilises hydrodynamic Rainstation technology collects, filters and stores rain water, Cloudbrook Water can guarantee to lower your mains water usage by as much as 80%, thus saving you money while protecting the environment – all without the need for costly and invasive groundwork.

We can confidently state that we have the best and most innovative Rainwater Optimisation System in Ireland. Our worldwide, patented system can be tailored to suit your requirements and, more importantly, your budget.

Now homes and business using our worldwide patented technology can tap into their own independent and renewable source of premium drinking water from naturally recurring Rainwater.

Simple to Use, Simple to Set Up

Cloudbrook Water offers so much more than your conventional rainwater harvesting systems. Our modular, wall-mounted solution makes it quick and effortless to install and access available rain water. The water can then be channelled and used for everyday functions, including for drinking. By harnessing a free and renewable resource, the Cloudbrook Water Rainwater Optimisation System will automatically collect rain water, leaving you able to enjoy all the benefits.

Whether you want to save water for Domestic, Commercial, Agricultural, Schools & Public Institutions, Cloudbrook Water does it all for you. We can seamlessly integrate our Cloudbrook Water system into your existing setup or install it with a new build project – returning you real savings year after year.

To find out more about Cloudbrook Water's solutions and products, please have a look at our Rainwater Systems page or just Contact Us with any queries. We will be delighted to hear from you. Automatic. Effortless. Environmentally friendly. Rainwater recovery the Cloudbrook Water way.

Easy Pay

Cloudbrook Water is pleased to announce that a finance arrangement for our rainwater systems is now available. We have teamed up with the Credit Union and AIB to make rainwater optimisation even more affordable for you, your family and your business.

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